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Cover of 2000 edition

Cover of 2005 edition


Published first in 2000 and updated in 2005, A Day in the Bush is now available as a comprehensively revised edition. This new edition retains all the features that distinguished the earlier versions, including



      • detailed track notes presented in an easy-to-follow format
      • guidelines to aid walk selection for children and adults of different walking capabilities
      • precise and easy-to-follow maps
      • background information about the landforms, vegetation and fauna of the Sydney region
      • cross-references to this information throughout the track notes, and
      • regular posting of walk updates on the book’s website.

But the revised A Day in the Bush offers more – especially to parents and grandparents who wish to make bushwalking a family affair.

With 45 sets of track notes covering 75 walks, A Day in the Bush shows how easy and convenient it is to spend a day, half-day or just an hour or two connecting with nature by walking and playing in Sydney’s bushland.

Even if you have little bushwalking experience yourself or you want to introduce inexperienced children or adults to the activity, the book is for you just as much as it is for seasoned bushwalkers. It has a section on the ‘how to’ of safe and enjoyable bushwalking and one on bushwalking with children and teenagers. Most importantly, the book contains guidelines for selecting walks to match interests, experience, fitness levels and ages (from four to four score and beyond).

And most of the walks are located in, or very close to, the metropolitan area and require only two or three hours or even less time to be enjoyed.

You can purchase the book from general and some specialist book sellers as well as from bushwalking and camping shops or from the publisher at Copies of the book can also be obtained here by going to the contact page.

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